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Link Gathering: Laundry Packing, Girl Scouts pitch to CEO & Parents hide candy

It’s so common for us to throw a little extra detergent in with our load of laundry. Extra soap means that our jeans will become realllly clean right ? Maybe it’s fear of running a whole cycle with not enough soap resulting in a washer of wet still dirty clothes – wasting our time and money. Did you ever think that maybe it’s because we don’t know how much to actually put in? I mean, hey laundry was one of the first chores I learned, but think about it, how often do you pour out the detergent estimating the suggested line? They put it inside the cup, just enough to let us know it’s there to give a sense of help and direction but enough to be vague. And to guide us to add just a little bit more to make sure it’s enough.

Blog Her author, Spinneo, smartly points out this packaging design ….and suggests using a sharpie to outsmart the design. 

I was never a Girl Scout, the closest I ever got to a badge was what my American Girl Doll earned. Needless to say, any 12 and 13 year old that creates an app and gets the opportunity to pitch it to AT&T CEOs  gets impressive points from me.

 Children aren’t too happy when their parents tell them they ate all their Halloween Candy.

Parents submitted videos revealing how their kids reacted when they told them that their Halloween Candy was gone to Jimmy Kimball Live. Some people aren’t to please at subjecting kids to emotions for humor. Given that the kids will most likely get the candy back minus a piece or two I see it as harmless. But maybe that’s because I always knew I wasn’t getting my whole candy bag anyways. (yeah, put a Diabetic kid through Halloween – that’s cruel).