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Link Gathering: The Street Vendor Project, Smarter Lunchrooms & Food Aversions

  • The Street Vendor Project : buy a protester a meal no matter where you are and support local vendors With Occupy Wall Street taking over street vendor territory, vendors have seen a decrease in revenue. To help support them a website was created to encourage continuing sales.
  • Smarter Lunchrooms 2011   Given that I’m not heavily involved in school systems since I don’t have kids, am not a teacher and have been out of school for a while, I’ve only been mildly aware of  the lunchroom debates. Since I had to be knowledgable of nutrition since I entered the school system (the perks of being a Diabetic) I was always focused on making the healthy choices…I never really thought about those who weren’t. That said I know taking away the pizza and forcing vegetables wont work – it’s about incorporating both and learning about a “well-balanced meal plan.”  However, the psychology minor in me is loving this article about how design and presentation are equally important in leading to healthy decisions.  It’s all about presentation people.
  • The Psychology of Food Aversions : our brain is just trying to protect us from being poisoned I am lucky to have not gotten violently ill in a long time (the whole going through College sober thing definitely helped with that) so while I may have love / hate relationships with certain foods no serious food aversions here. {Please don’t let me get food poisoning tonight…}
  • Retailers are expanding their product offering to become a one stop shop…in attempt of downsizing their square footage & going urban in the near future. Target offers more fresh fruit Walmart increase it’s Neighborhood Market grocery stores Walgreen, with it’s acquisition of Duane Reade  offers beauty services.