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Link Gathering: Faxes, Gray Hair, Self Check Out & Holiday Vendors

Why do people still use fax machines? I hate when a venue/business will only operate through fax. Why not use email where you can make sure the document is received by the right person? Like myself, the author prefers reading print over digital for books and magazines but thinks faxes need to be marked obsolete. 

Now, while I have a whole slew of questions like why and what??, the most obvious one: wont this cannibalize sales of hair dye

  • Some supermarkets are cutting back on self-checkout lanes. So what sends people to the cashier lane? Some miss the human interaction (ie: customer service), others would rather skip over the slow machines, delays and confusions. | Supermarket Guru

I pretty sure half the time I use self-checkout lanes it requires me to call someone over, taking more time and frustration – and no smiles to be found in that situation. 


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Going Digital : in the classroom

Last night my friend told me that she started a blog for her classroom. I know she’s not the first (student) teacher to do so but given that I don’t have children, I’ve never really paid attention aside from trends.

Slowly but surely I’m converting those accounting, finance & actuarial majors I lived with & loved at Bryant to the digital side.

One small step ….

It was fun talking to her about design, analytics & the difference in target audience and how to reach them. And it was the push that I needed to remind me: this lil old blog that I never really started? Time to get it going. Because I’ve already threatened to bombard her with blogging tips, articles & trends {hey, just because I have yet to put them to use doesn’t mean I don’t know them}.

So let’s get to it!

Or I will….and you can just follow along …though I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • If you’re a parent, does your children’s school have a blog ?
  • Do you follow along ?