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Fortune Cookie Quote : accomplish with passion

I can’t remember the last time I had a fortune cookie, but oddly enough one came in my asian fusion lunch today.

Nothing in the world is accomplished without passion.

Seems fitting.


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Link Gathering: High School reading, Starbucks Tshirts, & a party for Martha Stewart

Can you imagine the pressure of planning a party for Martha Stewart? How about her 70th birthday? | yumsugar

Please tell me that people don’t actually add their children’s names to their resume. They are not references. | ask a manager

I’m not a fan of Halloween. I’m just not. However, here’s an interesting perspective of adapting to the culture of the holiday | blogher

10 Books you should have read in High School. I didn’t read any of them {we did read To Kill a Mockingbird in 7th grade to be fair}…trying to remember what we read instead… |msnbc

People complain that their custom-order Frappuccino is expensive, how about an $85 T-shirt from Starbucks ? | peoplestylewatch

I alway knew that I was listening better when I doodled. |bnet


Brilliant idea: Food Allergen Detector

A while back I happened to catch part of a True Life story, a show I haven’t watched in years. The featured people had severe severe food allergies. Seeing someone carefully taking the risk to try something new and going into a reaction triggered something in me. A low blood sugar isn’t the same, in my management so far, with proper care & talking myself through it, I can control the situation. But I couldn’t help relate to it a little bit: the weakness, the frustration, the consequences of a wrong decision – even if you thought it was ok. I read a lot of healthy living blogs as well, often people talk about their relationship with food; some medical, some not. Growing up being constantly aware of food and reactions in my own life, it’s been interesting to hear other people’s experiences – to hear about completely different situations that are the same.

source: pfsk

Sooooooo, when I came across this Food Allergen Detector on PFSK, I instantly thought BRILLIANT! Now, not having an allergen, I can’t really understand how helpful or not the detector would be. I wont really know the pros & cons … just as few non-diabetics do when they’re talking to me about an insulin pump, but I can’t help but think of how many lives this may make easier.

This may come across as surprising but I strongly believe that things like this need to be making innovation headlines over a cure for diabetes.  If Apple can come up with a phone that is my life line in every other sense, shouldn’t there be numerous devices out there supporting various medical needs?

PS. recommend watching the product video.

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Going Digital : in the classroom

Last night my friend told me that she started a blog for her classroom. I know she’s not the first (student) teacher to do so but given that I don’t have children, I’ve never really paid attention aside from trends.

Slowly but surely I’m converting those accounting, finance & actuarial majors I lived with & loved at Bryant to the digital side.

One small step ….

It was fun talking to her about design, analytics & the difference in target audience and how to reach them. And it was the push that I needed to remind me: this lil old blog that I never really started? Time to get it going. Because I’ve already threatened to bombard her with blogging tips, articles & trends {hey, just because I have yet to put them to use doesn’t mean I don’t know them}.

So let’s get to it!

Or I will….and you can just follow along …though I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • If you’re a parent, does your children’s school have a blog ?
  • Do you follow along ?

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Who are you selling to Rep?

On Saturday I went to Best Buy with my mother to buy her a netbook. We had done this once before, over Mother’s Day, but she had buyers remorse and ended up returning it. This time she was ready, she wanted to get connected. Now I love my mother but when it comes to computers and the Internet, she’s a beginner to say the least. The final reassurance to her purchase was that I was there to help her pick it out and would help set it up (good thing I co-ran the Internet for the Elderly program through SIFE at college, and no I’m not calling my mother elderly).

As I was double checking a few options with the Best Buy rep on an Asus, he led me over to the HP comparison. Now I like HP, I have no reason not to, and I trust them. However, this wasn’t about me, this was about how comfortable my mom felt using it. The Asus had friendlier aesthetics that were easier to use, less of a border on the screen and bigger keys for typing. And as someone who is starting with baby steps and using it primarily for learning gmail (basics people!) and the internet, that’s what mattered.

A few seconds after the intro to the HP model a man who had been nearby for sometime, interjected – oh and what would you know, he was an HP salesman. Right off he mentioned how it was faster and how many rams and gigabytes and what it can do. Shut down. He had been around long enough to hear us talking to know that while ultimately I would let my mom be the decision maker, I was the influencer.

He was selling to her, using language she didn’t know. He asked her was she would be using it for, to which she unleashed the story of a major move in her life and how she wanted to get connected, and while she spares no details in storytelling, he wasn’t actively listening. Know your customer. Selling 101 (or whatever class it was that I took). There are different types of buyers and he didn’t identify that, he had his pitch and was sticking to it.

Asus it was.

Am I scared away from HP forever? Of course not. But it’s nice to have a reminder that my people reading skills could be put to use in Sales.

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Monday Mid-Morning Coffee Reading

McDonald coffee drinkers are more loyal {yumsugar}

I like McDonald’s coffee {aka Newman’s Own} fair enough, but I don’t know if it’s enough to keep me from visiting Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. Are you coffee loyal? I am loyal to my habit but I mix up my preferred style/taste/vendor.  

Balance bar does breakfast {brandchannel}

Little known fact : I used balance bars like New Yorkers do Pizza …. a quick fix for a meal on the go. Too bad I started trying to go for more wholesome choices as they come out with new flavors.  As a meal & snack bar addict I say this product extension will do well. 

PC vs. Mac – Infographic style {mashable}

I love me some stats & behavior comparisons. 

Mr. Big goes into the Tea business {Vital Juice / FitPrez}

Well, I guess everyone does have their own interest. Wouldn’t have predicted this one though.