Observant Curiosity

Skillfully observant. Passionately curious. Absorbing it all.


I’m always reading. It started when I was a kid {hello Babysitters Club} – blame it on being an only child. Then I discovered the world of magazines, what innocently started with Cosmogirl or Teen or something now expands from fashion to fitness to business. And the internet? Forget about it. Blogs, twitter, RSS feeder, social sites, Google  – there’s always something new to feed my curious mind.

About that curious mind of mine  ….. I’m passionate about marketing and the anthropological patterns of life, especially how they pertain to one another.  Trends, creative ideas, innovative marketing, people’s response, culture, they all push me to explore more. I’m skillfully observant which can be taken as a blessing or a curse but it definitely makes me analytical.

With this constant search and absorption of information I usually turn around to share it. Usually with co-workers, friends or family…sometimes strangers. Whether they want it or not. I’m reliable by nature but resourceful at best and my friends know …if I don’t know the answer I’ll google it and have it for you momentarily, usually with a little bit of added input or context.

So what brings me here, or rather what hopefully brings you here? I like to share. And instead of spamming my friends with emails of what they should check out / join / try / read / go to, I’m going to share it here {so now they can get spammed with my posts}. Not to mention I can fully display my marketing geekiness … not that I’m very good at hiding it. So let’s see what hits the headlines today , what grabs my attention and what I’m going to question next.

Thoughts, questions , ideas ? Would love to hear them.

Coffee + beach … two of my favorite things 

{disclaimer: this is my attempt to be artsy, rarely will I have photos of my own but I will credit all of those that I enjoy!}

Look forward to sharing!  – Whitney 


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Whitney! Awesome forum for your voice. It looks great!

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