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Link Gathering: Plus Size Salons, Sesame St Addresses Hunger & Vending Machine Pizza

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Apparently as a result of overweight clients feeling discriminated against. I get it, I think. The movie scene of salons filled with glamorous people getting their weekly highlights amongst other spa treatments …or something like that. I usually just feel discriminated against for my dark circles & ragged look  of neglected “me time.”

The article interestingly asks if the aim is to comfort children facing the problem or to bring awareness to children who might not know their classmates struggles ? 

  •  Spotted in Marie Claire’s October issue, a collaboration between Sprint and fashion blogger Jessica Quirk from What I Wore, upon the release of her new book. Gary Kim touches upon it in his article. | Content Marketing Institute News
  • These days you can get anything from a vending machine: soda, bathing suits, candy, condoms and now freshly made pizza. Because hey, why not? | PSFK

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