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Brilliant idea: Food Allergen Detector


A while back I happened to catch part of a True Life story, a show I haven’t watched in years. The featured people had severe severe food allergies. Seeing someone carefully taking the risk to try something new and going into a reaction triggered something in me. A low blood sugar isn’t the same, in my management so far, with proper care & talking myself through it, I can control the situation. But I couldn’t help relate to it a little bit: the weakness, the frustration, the consequences of a wrong decision – even if you thought it was ok. I read a lot of healthy living blogs as well, often people talk about their relationship with food; some medical, some not. Growing up being constantly aware of food and reactions in my own life, it’s been interesting to hear other people’s experiences – to hear about completely different situations that are the same.

source: pfsk

Sooooooo, when I came across this Food Allergen Detector on PFSK, I instantly thought BRILLIANT! Now, not having an allergen, I can’t really understand how helpful or not the detector would be. I wont really know the pros & cons … just as few non-diabetics do when they’re talking to me about an insulin pump, but I can’t help but think of how many lives this may make easier.

This may come across as surprising but I strongly believe that things like this need to be making innovation headlines over a cure for diabetes.  If Apple can come up with a phone that is my life line in every other sense, shouldn’t there be numerous devices out there supporting various medical needs?

PS. recommend watching the product video.


2 thoughts on “Brilliant idea: Food Allergen Detector

  1. Wow! This would change my life!! I so hope this goes mainstream. I have a life-threatening food allergy to soy, and am also allergic to gluten and yeast. It’s not been easy identifying hidden sources of soy especially. Thanks for this post, truly amazing! =)

    • I hope so too! I can’t imagine how challenging it is to really trust food sources, I value being able to have a little more control ove reactions. I’m a full supporter of technology advancement in healthcare & patient wellness!

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