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Going Digital : in the classroom

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Last night my friend told me that she started a blog for her classroom. I know she’s not the first (student) teacher to do so but given that I don’t have children, I’ve never really paid attention aside from trends.

Slowly but surely I’m converting those accounting, finance & actuarial majors I lived with & loved at Bryant to the digital side.

One small step ….

It was fun talking to her about design, analytics & the difference in target audience and how to reach them. And it was the push that I needed to remind me: this lil old blog that I never really started? Time to get it going. Because I’ve already threatened to bombard her with blogging tips, articles & trends {hey, just because I have yet to put them to use doesn’t mean I don’t know them}.

So let’s get to it!

Or I will….and you can just follow along …though I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  • If you’re a parent, does your children’s school have a blog ?
  • Do you follow along ?

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