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Sunday Night Reading

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It’ll be interesting to see how this works out over the summer:  Free Beach Shuttle {Dan’s Papers}

 Will inside advertisements be enough to support against rising gas prices?  

Karl Lagerfeld + Rachel Bilson + Magnum Ice Cream = ??? {view commercial}

Does this make sense to anyone? It looks better suited for a Diet Coke commercial especially given Lagerfeld’s recent collaboration. But full indulgent ice cream?  Would love to hear the story behind that in real life, I’m going to guess it doesn’t happen frequently. 

Supermarket Marketing Traps … from the other side of the mirror .  Fab & Frugal warns of terms that marketers use &  shoppers should avoid to save money. Low Fat still gets your attention. 

Philanthroper: A $1 a day to give away.  {Pretty Young Professionals}

Will this overload our guilt for our need to contribute to charities or will it open the door for anyone to share? I love the idea of doing good, but I can’t help but wonder if this will add to the clutter. Keeping my eye on this one. 


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